Monday, August 30, 2010

This is one idea that is for real!!

Well, I put in my application a week ago to become a CASA worker. CASA is an organization that works with children who have been abused or neglected. CASA: Court Appointed Special Advocate; works with a child or two as their advocate between the lawyers, the other parties involved and as a witness to the well-being of the child. While it doesn't seem like this is a big deal...the process takes a while to finish. After 30 hours of training, reading, homework, and court observation I will officially get my advocate certificate and my first case in October of this year. I know that I have always wanted to work with children, and for awhile I thought that would be in a classroom and that would be the only way. BUT God has a bigger and better plan, and I think that being a CASA volunteer is something that will challenge me, yet be more rewarding than I can imagine.

P.S. You don't have to have a background in education or social work to be a CASA volunteer...just time and an open heart...

This is one thing that isn't like a is a passion, a love, and something I have always wanted to do: Make an impact!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Idea Number 2

Idea no.2: I could start my own Read to a Dog program/farm in NWA.

Okay so some of you maybe asking what is going on up in my head..well I have a soft spot for animals especially for outcast animals. I also have a soft spot for children that struggle with reading, especially when they feel like they aren't good enough or smart enough to read. Then I saw a report where researchers actually had rescued dogs come into libraries and children could pick a dog to read to. According to their findings all the readers that read to the dogs increased their reading skills by 12%. Now with that along with my knowledge of reading and different interventions I think this program could have some real potential.

So what's next for this idea..well research, and more research because this takes money, time, and space to do something like that. So if you are sitting at your computer and tired of checking Facebook or your email over and over again, you can research this idea with me. Send me your thoughts, ideas, and your findings. I'm thinking there has to be some grant money out there for something like this...and if I could convince my parents..I could use their back yard...although I don't know how much the neighbors would like it.

While idea number 2 is floating around, don't think I have forgotten about my first idea....cause it is going to happen!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Warning: I've been thinking

This next post is not meant to be some warning sign that I am leaving on a jet plane or have given up on finding a real job or anything like that, but it has spawned from having a lot more time on my hands and a lot more to think about in my life.

So I began to ask the questions, "What would I do if I could _____?" So I came up with several things to fill in the blank and began exploring how my life would be different, the same, more or less interesting, happier, more depressing, and/or fuller or emptier. I think this will be more clear as I go on; so here is the some quick ones, then we will move onto the more in depth ones:

What would I do if I could:

start teaching tomorrow (that's easy- get busy and have some fun)
live in my own house (decorate, and pay more money to the government)
own a tiger (start my own drive through zoo)
be a wedding planner ( make a lot of dreams come true)
make money from this blog (then it wouldn't be like a job anymore)

alright now on to the more enlightening, thought provoking ones...get ready I've been thinking (scary):

What would I do if I could travel the world?

This question inturn made me ask many more questions like where I would go, why I would pick those places over others, and how would I pay for it. But the most important question I would have to answer is What would I get out of or take away from each place I visited to make me a better person, and what would I leave behind that would make that place better?

As I began to ponder all of these things I came up with some places that are a must if I were to travel the world. New Zealand, Egypt, Paris, Scotland, Greece, Italy have to be seen. Even though I have been to Scotland before, I promised myself that I would visit the beautiful country again. But let's get back to my original question of what I would do. I think to really travel the world I would have to sell all or most of my possessions, raise money and take only what I could carry on my back and just leave.

I know I have the tendency to over think, over plan, and in most cases forget to enjoy the moment because I'm worrying about it instead. The only way I think I could really enjoy, take in, respect, give back, and recieve anything from the wonderous places I would be seeing was if I just left. Now there would have to be some planning, don't get me wrong..but I think it would a real test of faith and trust in God that he would provide shelter, food, money, and what not along the way. What would you do if you could travel the world?

My next what if is about myself. What would I do if I could change my life?

Meaning what would I do differently, what do I wish I could change, take back, do instead of something else. The answer is not as simple as naming places I would go like the above answer; this one intails some deep thinking, reflecting, and realizing about myself, my life and who I am.

So what did I come up with...well of course there are always times I think I should have said something else, or stopped talking sooner. And there will always be the insecurities of if I will die alone or ever fall in love ( at least until it happens). But overall, I think the only thing I wish for, desire, want badly in my life is to be in the moment. I think (know) I worry too much, I look back so many times and see how God has worked in my life yet while He is working I forget to pay attention. If I could change my life, I wouldn't change my apperance, my personality, my friends, my family, my sleeping habits...I would change my focus...I am changing my focus. To be on HIM not on ME. It is sad that after being a Christian for 11 years it has taken me that long to realize that this journey of self discovery is not about myself; it is about God working through me so that I lose myself and become a light for all to see.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "they are plans for good not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ideas, Ideas, and more Ideas

Well, I've decided that about once or twice a week I am going to post my ideas about possible business ventures, product ideas, and well just funny things I could be doing with me life. I think I will start with my most recent's pretty awesome and I think I really could do it..with a little help and training. Are you ready for this? For those that know me, you might laugh now..but just wait!

IDEA no.1: Become a professional shooter/marksman/gun handler

This is not a joke, I watched Top Shot on History channel...the entire season and have decided that I could learn to shot guns and turn this into a side job. Now once I have learned to shot something, I'm not quite sure what I would do. Mainly because I don't want to kill anything, I just think it would be a good quality/skill to add to my resume. Picture this:

Megan Venable, Professional Marksman
Qualities: I can shot things that are really far away, and I'm good at it

I like my thinking. But for real, I think my Dad is going to take me to a range sometime soon, and when that happens, pictures will be posted and resume will be updated :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

How this started

Well I have been unemployed now for 93 days, and I began to think that there must be something to do all day other than waiting to hear from and calling possible employers. What I came up with was a blog. Now the purpose of this blog is not to dwell in my sorrows or make you have empathy for me; it is more for me to share with the world (or the 5 people that might read this) the frustrations, the joys, and some of the strange things that have and will continue to happen to me while unemployed.

I got the idea for my blog from a few different people, but mainly from my niece Eden who always always associates things with other things. For instance, after telling her the animal was a zebra, Eden's response was "it's like a horse." I soon realized that she responded that way because many times I often compared things to other things by saying "it's like a ____." So began the quest for this blog...while I am not getting paid for this and it only takes a few minutes here and there...It's like a job!